How it works

Single transaction Process: The single transaction process starts with the create transaction button on our app or website, you can then fill in transaction details primarily amount and account. This step would mark then end of creation of single transaction and the transaction is now sent for approval or if auto approval is set then it moves to settlement.

Bulk Upload Transaction process: The Bulk upload process starts with the create transaction button on our app or website, you can then select bulk upload and our system will send you an email on the user’s registered email address with a template that would be required to be filled as per the given format. This template can then be emailed to and your transactions will show up in Q2Pay momentarily. From here the created transaction will go for approval or settlement based on the created matrix.

Internal Transaction Process: This process is for internal transfers to your own account, money cannot be sent to a vendor account. The process starts with the create transaction button on our app or website, you can then select the internal tab and fill in transaction details and this step will mark the end of transaction creation and there would not be a need for approval for internal transaction and the transaction would proceed to settlement.

Through ERP Process: This process starts from your ERP and is dependent on your ERP process, Q2Pay would link with your ERP and manage the transactions. All your transactions will be visible on Q2Pay and in your ERP. Once the transactions are created they will be sent for approval or settlement based on the created matrix.

Approval Process: Approvals are made based on the approval matrix that has been created for your organisation. Transactions could require one or more approvers depending on the grade of user who has created the transaction or the transaction amount. Approvals can be made in a given order called sequential or in any order called non sequential. Transactions can be set to auto approve based on transaction value, grades of user, roles of user and vendor account.


Roles: Roles are permission and access given to a user on Q2Pay. Roles are assigned to users of Q2Pay. Each user must be assigned 1 role, these roles are Maker, checker and Admin. Maker is responsible for creating transaction, Checker is responsible for settling the transaction and Admin has access to all the features and services in Q2Pay. The roles mentioned are default roles and these can be customised.

Users: User is a person that has a profile on Q2Pay and is using the platform. Users can be assigned Roles, Grades, and Services that will define their access and ability to make transactions.

Grade: Grades are part of the Approval matrix, Grades, as the name suggests are levels that define a user’s ability and eligibility to make transaction.

Services: Q2Pay provides a host of features and services, services are all that is offered by Q2Pay. Services are assigned to users to enable them to use our platform. A checker does not have a service to create a transaction while a Maker does not have the service to settle a transaction.

Matrix: Matrix allows you to create relations between Grades created on Q2Pay. The relations between Grades determine user’s ability and eligibility to make transactions based on the transaction value. Matrix can be set to require approval for any transactions above the Grade of users and approval can also be set as per number of approvers required and if they should be sequential or non sequential.

Accounts: These are vendors that you can add to Q2Pay to make payments. Accounts are created before a transaction is created, all transactions are made to an internal account or a vendor account.

Approval: This is the process of allowing transactions to proceed to settlement stage. Approval can be made with one or more approvers, It can also be set to Auto Approve.

Settlement: This is the process of paying your vendors after the transaction has been approved. Transactions can be settled by one user while settlement service can be assigned to more than one user.

Creation: This is the process of starting a transaction where a user will enter transaction details and send the transaction for approval.

Auto Approve: Transactions amount and vendor accounts can be set to Auto Approve that would streamline your process of approval. Auto Approval based on transaction amount can be set within the Approval matrix. Auto Approval for vendor account can be set as a property of the vendor account allowing all transactions to be automatically approved.