30+ days interest free credit

When you pay using a credit card on Q2Pay, the vendor receives your payment in a short time while the money will leave your bank in 30+ days giving you flexible use of the available cash. Assume you have a card with credit period of 30 days, any payments made to the vendor within that period are interest free until the payment due date when the amount must be settled. You can enjoy 30 days of free credit period as compared to credit line/overdraft facility when using a credit card on Q2Pay.

Authorisation and automation

Q2Pay utilises an authorisation matrix that can be customised to your organisational needs. Authorisation matrix allows you to assign roles for transaction approval based on transaction value and assigned level of the user. Users can be assigned levels and roles that would enable them to create, approve and settle transaction. Matrix can be customized to enable you to auto-approve your transactions based upon your vendors or transaction value. Let’s take a transaction that requires approval from two senior executives and is created by an intern. If the matrix is set to receive approval from both the senior executives then the intern would require approval of both the senior executives to proceed. Settlement can then be assigned to a third employee who is only responsible for settlements.

Secure and protected

Q2pay provides you with a secure and robust payment platform that is protected end-to-end, ensuring you peace of mind. Our platform is secured with the help of our partners including HDFC Bank, Lyra and ICICI Bank that provide us with a secure gateway and helps us keep your personal details secure during a transaction. We are PCI compliant and take data privacy very seriously. You can use fingerprint authentication on our android app and OTP authentication on our android and website.

ERP link

Q2Pay can link with your ERP to automate transactions, we can manage your transaction receiving instructions from your ERP with minimal human intervention. Let’s take scenario where ERP and Q2Pay are linked for highest level of automation. ERP will prepare and send data feed to Q2Pay for transaction processing and Q2Pay will send a reverse feed to ERP with all the transaction details.

Two-Factor authenticated modules

All the service modules within Q2Pay can be secured with two factor authentication for an added level of security. This add-on would allow you to restrict or secure areas of Q2Pay with an OTP. If you want to make sure only certain people access details of transaction even if they can view it then you can restrict details with an OTP allowing selective access to details of the transactions.

Get instant notifications

Maybe you want to be notified when a transaction needs your approval, or maybe you created a transaction and want to be notified when the payment has been processed. Our platform delivers real time notification for all such scenarios.

Transaction timeline

Monitor your transactions as they go through the process of approval followed by settlement. Transaction timeline shows you the current status of a transaction. For instance if the vendors haven’t received the payment then you can track at what stage has the transaction reached.

Standing instructions

With standing instructions on Q2Pay, you can manage your bill payments, periodic scheduled payments, third party payments automatically without having to write cheques and wait in queues, the amount gets credited to your vendor’s bank account from your card. For example, if you have rent payment scheduled for the end of the month, with standing instructions you can create a recurring payment to the landlord’s account and rent payment gets credited to the landlord’s account automatically on the day of payment.

Transaction analytics

Understand your expenditure with the help of transaction analytics to get insights of your cash flow. For example, if you want to understand your expenditure for a specific vendor and duration you can use MIS report.