Can I pay with any credit card provider?

We provide you with the flexibility to use any credit card without roll over. You can avail lower fees on your card by opting for a card provided by our bank partners.

How to get started with Q2Pay?

We will arrange a meeting with you and collect essential details for setting up your Q2Pay account for you. Our bank partners will help you with your existing credit card or provide you with a new credit card. Once you are set up, we will provide you with a demo of our platform and our team is always here to help you.

To get started, you can contact us at the link below.

My vendor doesn’t accept cards, can I still pay with a credit/debit card?

Q2pay allows you to transfer money to your vendors bank account anywhere in India using a credit card. Your vendors do not require a POS or a merchant ID to receive the money. You will only need to provide IFSC code and Account number for your vendors.

Can I schedule payments ahead of the bill due date?

Yes,Q2Pay allows you to schedule your payments. You can even set recurring transactions.

Will the name of my vendor appear on my bank transactions or will it show as Q2Pay?

It will show Q2Pay pvt ltd in your bank statements. You can find detailed information about your transaction on the Q2Pay app or website.

Does Q2Pay work on mobile or desktop?

We have a Website and an Android app where you can use Q2Pay. Both have the same functionality giving you flexibility.

What is Q2Pay?

Pay your vendors instantly using a credit card on Q2Pay with its secure, fast and simple platform that will help you automate your payments while giving you secure control.

Is it safe to pay through Q2Pay?

We are PCI certified and our transactions are secured by our bank partners that ensure maximum security when you make any transaction.

Can I use Q2pay to pay my vendors internationally?

Q2Pay is currently available for all transactions between Indian Bank accounts. We will let you know once we add international transaction.

What is the payment processing time?

All transactions would be completed in T+1 day and you can expect money to show up in your vendorís account in 3-4 working days.

Does Q2Pay bulk pay my vendors?

We have provided you with a bulk upload feature which would require you to fill in the details of your vendors and payment in the given format, all you have to do is upload the file and we will manage the rest. All your transactions will show in the transaction dashboard like other transaction made on Q2Pay.

I forgot my password how do I reset it?

Don’t worry just follow this link

Can I link a debit card to my Q2Pay account?

Q2Pay is exclusive to credit cards without roll over, any other card is not accepted on our platform.

How do I get refunds?

If you want to receive a refund for your transaction you can start the process by finding your transaction in the recent transaction card and scrolling down to your actions which will show you the option to request a refund.

How to create a role and assign it to a user?

Roles can be created and assigned by a user that is an Admin on Q2Pay, please contact your Q2Pay Admin

How to create a grade and assign it to a user?

Grade can be created and assigned by a user that is an Admin on Q2Pay, Please contact your Q2Pay Admin

How do we create a user?

Users can be created and assigned by a user that is an Admin on Q2Pay, Please contact your Q2Pay Admin

How to create matrix?

Matrix can be created from the matrix tab in Q2Pay, this can be created by an Admin.

How to create a transaction?

Transaction can be created by any user based on the matrix created, allowing users access to creating single transaction. If a user has access to create transaction then they can go to transaction dashboard and tap the plus button to create a transaction.

How to change email address/contact number of a vendor account?

Log in to your Q2Pay account and go to accounts dashboard. Here you will see a list of all the accounts you have, you can search for an account that you want to update details for and tap the edit icon to edit the details.

How to change email address/contact number of a user?

Log in to your Q2Pay account and go to your profile. Here you can edit the details of your account.

How to approve/settle a transaction?

Transactions can be approved or settled by logging in to your Q2Pay account and looking at the notification tab or navigating to transaction dashboard. You can now see a list of transactions awaiting your approval or settlement, simply select all the transaction that you want to approve or settle and approve or pay your vendors.

How to auto approve a transaction?

Transaction Auto Approve can be set by creating a matrix that allows transaction upto a certain value to be approved automatically. This can be done in the Matrix tab on Q2Pay.

How to auto approve vendor?

Vendor accounts can be set to Auto Approve during the vendor account creation. This can also be done at a later stage by navigating the accounts dashboard and searching for the vendor account for which you want to enable Auto Approve, tap the edit button and toggle Auto Approve for the account. Admin user will be required for this change or a user with access to change account settings.

How to create/update an alias name?

Alias can be changed by navigating to profile on Q2Pay and changing Alias.

Where do is see my current account/entity account/owner account?

Owner account can be found in the accounts dashboard, this will be shown on the top by default.