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We are revolutionizing the way payments and interfacing with banking is done in enterprise business.

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Universal Banking Portal

Stay Connected

Connect multiple current accounts to a single platform

One Interface

Get a unified view of all your accounts and transactions

Seamless Banking

Transfer funds, check balances, view & download statements

Fully Secure

Your account is safe with robust infrastructure security complying with leading industry standards

Redefine Payments



With the in-house built Android app and web app on iOS, you can avail all the functionality of the website on your phone. Create, approve and view vendor accounts as well as transactions on the move with the highest level of security.


Access Governance

A user is an individual who accesses the portal through a web browser or App, as assigned a specific role and grade within the system. This will determine their level of access and authority within the portal, as well as the specific tasks and responsibilities they are authorized to perform.


360° Security

A 360-degree approach to security, covering all aspects of the banking system, providing a more secure and reliable platform for users to conduct financial transactions and protect sensitive information.